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how would it feel if your routine made you happier every . single . day?


how would it feel if your routine made you happier every . single . day?




We had it down. We were organised. We sparkled. We rocked our lives and lived them on our terms with cheeky drinks sometimes after work and a nice browse around the shops when we fancied it.

We did coffee. And the gym. We read books.

(Ok, the gym was optional...)

We had hopes and dreams and plans and we were ooh soo blessed with something beautiful, amazing and challenging... being a Mom!

And we love it, we REALLY do.

But somewhere along the way we've lost our sparkle under a pile of school uniforms and muddy welly boots. Our routine is based on what everyone else needs. The school run bookends our days and we squeeze what we can in between... which isn't much because we don't seem to be able to get anything meaningful done. 

And, if we're totally honest, in the dim hours when the truth seeps out between the cracks, we realise we might have lost ourselves a little bit. And it feels baaad.

So how about this...

How about we get some sparkle back? How about we create a simple routine with time to focus on youreleasing you from the habit of negativity, boosting your self-esteem and helping you plan and reach your I’m-a-mama-but-heck-I’m-still-me goals? 

Think of it as your foundation... paving the way for sparkle, success and happiness!


Wouldn't that feel amazing?

Wouldn't that feel amazing?

Michelle, I just wanted to say that I’ve been practising the tools and techniques from the Happiness Habits Transformation™ and I really do feel happier! My counsellor was really impressed with the habits I’ve put into place and thinks your course is a wonderful idea. Thank you so much, I really feel things are clicking into place at last.

I said ALL these things.

I was in that same place you are, recognising that something had to change, that I needed to take a time-out (without feeling guilty about it) to rediscover a happier, more successful me.


It's probably not so different from yours. I know how easy it is to lose yourself in the busy-ness of family life. I struggled with post natal depression and am not ashamed to admit it took therapy, time and deep personal work to find my way back to me. I know how it feels to shelve your dreams. To crave purpose and meaning for YOU because you KNOW inside that if you're a happier YOU that joy will ripple out and touch your family and the rest of your life.

And that is why I created the Happiness Habits Transformation™. To give busy mamas like you and me the tools and techniques to create a simple, daily routine that prioritises guilt-free space in my day for YOU and puts the focus back on YOUR happiness.

Because I passionately believe that we ALL deserve the gift of inspiring, nourishing space in the day for US in order to show up in the rest of our lives as our most positive, powerful & productive selves.

And the biggest transformations start with our daily habits.

The Happiness Habits Transformation™ delivered way more than I expected! Loads of sites teach you skills to be happier but this course stands out by telling you how to create habits that really make a positive difference to your life.

What this course covers

What this course covers

The Happiness Habits Transformation™ is split into 10 weekly modules with workbooks, videos, checklists, tutorials and fun bonuses to show how 8 simple happiness habits can help you...

  • Create a personal morning and evening routine that will set you up for the day with a positivity boost

  • Dream your biggest dreams, find your true purpose and create an action plan to finally reach your I'm-a-mama-but-heck-I'm-still-me goals

  • Give yourself a lift whenever you need it during the day with self-care strategies that really work

  • End the evening ready for the next day with joy, grace and gratitude


Module 1 - Awareness & why your thoughts matter more than you think
Module 2 - How to be inspired every day
Module 3 - Why feeling grateful is hard for you and how to fix that
Module 4 - Make moving your body your daily stress solution without joining a gym
Module 5 - Finding your why and dreaming bigger dreams
Module 6 - How to magic your dreams into sparkly, exciting goals
Module 7 - Creating a realistic action plan that will finally get you results
Module 8 - Two terrific tools to boost your positivity in minutes
Module 9 - Your daily success party plan
Module 10 - Bringing it all together - the simple system that makes your Happiness a priority

Is this course right for me?

This course is NOT for you if...

  • You have a strong daily routine, with time for you, that sets you up everyday for positivity and success

  • You have a clear set of personal goals

  • You stick to a monthly, weekly and daily action plan that guarantees you'll achieve your biggest dreams

  • You meditate, exercise and are inspired every day

  • You have a set of tools and techniques that you can rely on to pick you up on those inevitable glitter-free days

  • You have a tribe around you that knows what it's like to be YOU and supports you on your journey

This course is PERFECT for you if...

  • You're a busy mama but about to have more time on your hands and you want to make the very best use of it

  • Your days are driven by what everyone else needs and you crave a daily routine with some space and grace for YOU even more than a glass of chilled Sauvignon (well almost)

  • You totes ADORE your kids but sometimes you wish you had the chance for recognition and achievement your husband or working friends have

  • You've lost your purpose and passion and need help turning your most daring dreams into gorgeous goals and exciting but achievable action plans (I have a whole system for this with biscuits, smiles, tea and coffee - you're gonna love it!)


Michelle Reeves helps lost, frustrated busy mamas who've buried their sparkle become the positive, powerful and productive woman they dream to be. As a goals and success coach she adores working with women who love their kiddos but also have a soft spot for wine, killer handbags and feeling like a heroine in their own life story. You can find her resources, courses and 121 programmes at

She is an ambassador for the MIND mental health charity and an award-winning blogger.


I'm excited to be joined by three incredible women who share their expertise inside the course: MIRKA MOORE (FITNESS 4 MAMAS) / ZAZ (YOGA WITH ZAZ) / MEGAN JENIFER-HARRIS (BE INSIDE OUT)

and unlike some courses, the content is yours to keep.


let's talk about bonuses...


A great routine needs a great journal to keep track of it. I got you covered with print off daily journal pages, weekly and monthly goals and check-in sheets, a quarterly review page and more.

BONUS #2: access to THE SPARKLE ON MAMA facebook group

The Sparkle On Mama Facebook & email community is a very special group for women who are ready to reclaim their gorgeous *sparkle*. It's a safe, non-judgemental space where we come together to learn, grow, laugh, cry, support one another and step up to live our lives with purpose, on purpose. Weekly email content, weekly live chats/videos and bonuses help us put it all into action. As a Happiness Habits Transformation member you'll get 3 months FREE access to this amazing group.

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You have questions right?

You have questions right?



> I've never done an online course before - I don't know what to expect?

I felt exactly the same when I took my first online course. It's a bit scary right? But don't worry, I'll guide you through each lesson and you can personally ask me questions whenever you need to by email or in my personal development community on Facebook; Sparkle On Mama. Plus you have the reassurance of my 30-day money back guarantee so you really have nothing to lose - and SO much to gain! (See my refund policy on the check out page for more details.)

> Is all the content mine to keep?

Absolutely! Unlike some other membership courses everything in the Happiness Habits Transformation™  - the 10 modules (with 12,000+ words of actionable content), exclusive videos, journals, planner pages and all other bonuses -  is yours to keep. Forever. 

PLUS as a Happiness Habits Transformation member you'll get access to any NEW content that I add to the course content over time including including any course upgrades or new bonuses.

> How much time will I need to spend on each module?

As a busy mama myself I know your time is precious. So I've allowed lots of time for you to finish each section of the course. You'll receive a lesson from me by email each week over the 10-week course and the course materials and bonuses are yours to download and keep so you can work through them at your own pace and even go back over the lessons at a later date if you want to. Everyone works at a different pace but I would estimate you'll need to set aside about an hour a week for the materials an exercises.

> What if I can't finish all the lessons before the course finishes?

Don't worry! This is a totally self-paced course so you don't need to worry about completing each lesson before the next one arrives in your inbox. You're welcome to download the course materials as soon as they arrive and keep them until you're ready to use them, or if you prefer, access them from the course resources pages at your own pace.

> When does the course start?

You can start TODAY! I've made the Happiness Habits Transformation™ instant-access so once you've enrolled I'll send you some fun pre-work to get you started and then you'll receive one module per week by email for the duration of the course.

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let's get started

let's get started


You're not alone! The Happiness Habits Transformation™ is already helping busy mamas like you create a simple daily routine that sets them up for the day with a positivity boost, plan their daily 'I'm a mama but heck I'm still me' goals based on their true purpose, gives them a lift whenever they need it during the day and allows them to end the evening ready for the next day with joy, grace and gratitude.